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What is VisiOlo “About?”

First, we are about the “who” — we are a business that is 100% defined by who our customer is.

And our “who”  is the independent online publisher, what some people call an Internet Marketer and others call an Infopreneur and still others call an Information Marketer.

Our “who” is the small-but-serious business owner who sells information products online — the Information Entrepreneur.

We prefer the term “Info-Preneur” because, while a bit cumbersome, it does yeoman’s work when it comes to describing what our customers  and clients do.  Whether it’s eBooks, audio books, membership sites, software, coaching services, podcast or some other form of packaged information,  if this is what you do, then you are our “who.”

Next, we are about what our Who’s do.

We are truly about what you do.

Your business has but one real purpose — and that is to make a profit.  Now, the profit you make might have a million different purposes for you, but the purpose of your business is profit.  This may be blatantly obvious to some, but you would be surprised how many people get this wrong.   If you don’t really want to make money at it, you have a hobby, not a business.

So, at VisiOlo, we are about helping you make more profit.

We exist to help you turn information into profit.

We collect critical information about your online sales system and report it back to you in a way that you can USE to optimize your sales process and make more profit.

VisiOlo makes it easier — a LOT easier — for Infopreneurs to get critical information about the effectiveness of their marketing systems.

VisiOlo is  a ‘thinking tool’ — because we continually strive to provide an appropriate ‘context’ for the information we deliver.  In other words, we collect and report the data, but we also show you where to look to turn information into revenue.

It’s cool to have great stats, but even cooler to be able to use those stats to make more money.

What we are creating is truly unique and can only be done with a focus on the true needs of Infopreneurs.  And after 13 months of development, we are almost ready for prime time.

Stick around, as the story unfolds much will be revealed — including insights into your business that you didn’t think were possible!

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