Why I “Went Dark” on the Social Web for 7 Months

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About 7 months ago, several things came together that drove me to back off (way off as you can tell from the graph above) of my interaction on social sites.  Businesses go through phases and this particular phase was a very inwardly-focused phase for me and my business.  There are times when the focus of a business dictates the removal of extraneous activities, and this, for me was one of those times.

So what caused my retreat away from social media activities?

There are a lot of reasons, but the two most prominent ones are…

  • About 7 months ago, we hit a big snag in the development of VisiOlo that required some significant re-tooling of the core functions of the software — this required a *lot* of my attention.
  • About 7 months ago, I realized that, while the social web has the potential to have a huge impact on my business, the business itself was not set up in a way that worked well with the social web.  I was spending a lot of time on a low-return activity and resolved to re-structure my business in a way that sharing information on the social web would more rewarding (to me and my connections/followers).

In short, my focus needed to be elsewhere.  But I’m happy to say that I’m now in the position to participate more consistently and bring more value to my network. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with some friends I haven’t interacted with in a long time.

How about you?  Have you had periods, in this socially connected world, where you have either intentionally or by necessity pulled away from online social networks?  What was the impact on your business and connections (both positive and negative)?

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