Fire Mountain Marketing, Inc. (Company) is the creator and owner of VisiOlo.com. As a member of the internet business community, we take our role seriously and pay careful attention to the policies that govern this web site and the online software applications functioning on this domain.

VisiOlo is a website designed for to meet the needs of Infopreneurs, or micro-publishers , who sell information products online.  We provide information and tools which are intended (but not guaranteed) to help our readers and customers improve the effectiveness of their online selling activity.

Warranty Statement

The Company always intends to provide valuable information and tools, but, in no way, guarantees that the information we provide will lead to a successful outcome. Information and tools are, at best, 20% of what is needed to get positive results, the other 80% is dependent on factors outside our control.  Thus, all information and tools provided here are to be used at the best judgment and sole discretion of the reader or customer and the Company, in no way, warrants any particular outcome.


If you want to leave a comment on the blog, please do so. Comments that detract from or do not contribute to the commented topic will be removed.  Please use your real name instead of keywords, but by all means, link to your site. Since you can link to your site in the name field, please do not do so in the body of comments.  If you want to include a relevant link to another site in your comment, feel free to do so — and, of course, we’ll feel free to edit or remove inappropriate links. Be nice, contribute, and have fun.

Veracity of Data and Analysis

With our data collecting and reporting software, we strive for accuracy and stability in our data and the presentation of it, but tracking systems as broadly scoped as this one are an in-exact science.  We know you rely on data from VisiOlo to make decisions about how to manage and improve your online selling systems, and are confident that we can serve your information needs well. We are,  however aware of the possibility of human or technology error to cause inaccurate data to be presented. Therefore we cannot warrant the accuracy of the statistics we provide nor will we accept any responsibility for actions taken on your part based on this information.

Customer Service and Feedback

We maintain an monitored online contact form for website visitors and an online forum for VisiOlo members.  Additionally, members can post feedback and suggestions on our UserVoice account.


Information provided to VisiOlo.com will never be provided to any 3rd party – unless you give express permission to do so. We respect your privacy and do not partake in the practice of selling customer information for any reason. We will never use your personal or business information in any way that violates your privacy. When you provide any information to us, it will only be used by us to contact you, with your acknowledgement and permission. Every email you receive from us will provide an ‘opt-out’ link should you wish to remove yourself from our mailing list.


While we do not store any critical financial information on our servers, we make every reasonable effort to ensure that all of the data we store is secure.

Acceptable Use

Anyone who uses our services (including Partners and Affiliates) must abide by the following widely accepted standards of acceptable use:

a. Abuse

We do not partake in any form of Internet abuse and will not tolerate those that do (zero tolerance). If any of our customers or members using our services or software are accused of using these tools for any activity generally recognized as net abuse (including but not limited to: unsolicited mailings, unsolicited newsgroup postings, email harvesting, rogue endless pop-ups or malicious scripts), we will investigate the matter aggressively and swiftly. Accounts found to be in violation of this policy are subject to immediate termination at the sole discretion of appropriate Fire Mountain Marketing, Inc. staff members. abuse@dailymarketingace.com is always open to receive as well as swiftly investigate and act on abuse reports.

b. Mailing List Management

All mailing lists at VisiOlo are maintained via an opt-in method that records the IP address of the person subscribing to the particular list.

Anyone subscribing someone to a list without their permission will have this activity reported to the abuse department of the owner of the IP block in question and the abuse department of its upstream encouraging the termination of the abusing user.

Any newsletter or other mailing sent from VisiOlo.com always includes a clear and easy unsubscribe link.

c. Fraud

We take fraud quite seriously and will aggressively prosecute any fraudulent transaction conducted using our networks or products in any way shape or form. All fraud attempts will be reported to the Secret Service (the arm of the U.S. Treasury Department that prosecutes Internet fraud), the owner and upstream of the IP block related to the fraud, and any other agencies as we see fit in order to terminate, prosecute, and otherwise seek justice against the perpetrators of said fraud. Fraud violates the trust of the Internet as a whole and lessens consumer confidence in the Internet. As such, we take it quite seriously.


All of the original written material and graphics on this domain are protected under copyright ((C) 2009, Fire Mountain Marketing, Inc.).

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