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Sales Systems

One of the most important concepts in VisiOlo is the idea of a “sales system” – by defining specific sales systems within your overall marketing funnel (your marketing funnel consists of all of your sales systems together), you will be able to more easily track and optimize your results.  Actually, you already have systems in place, but they may just not be that well defined – by using VisiOlo, they will be clearly defined and measurable.

In VisiOlo, everything is connected to a specific sales system – this feature allows you to view your data at different levels: top level = all systems together, system level = data grouped by sales system, detail level = data for individual Pages, Links, and Goals.

So, at this point you may be wondering “what exactly is a sales system?”  It is simply this: all of the links, pages, and goals you use to move prospects through the buying process for a single buying experience.  A system is all of the pieces of you’re a specific sales process from end to end – it represents all of the steps your prospects go through before they buy your product (or multiple related products).


Think of it this way, if you sell an eBook, your prospects go through specific steps when they buy that eBook from you.  They might click on a link, view the offer page, buy the product, download it from another page, and then go on to join your affiliate program. These are all linear steps your customers go through for that specific buying experience. Your customers may, at some point in the future, buy another product from you. In this case the steps involved in buying that product would belong to a separate system.

You will want to group all of these elements into a ‘bucket’ that we call a Sales System in VisiOlo.  In that system, you will have tracking Links, Pages, and Goals – all related to the same process.


The Dashboard is where you go to see the “big picture” of your online marketing activities. It provides the kind of information you need in order to be able to quickly and accurately measure your marketing ‘key metrics’ and the effectiveness of your improvement and optimization efforts.  This is one of the most unique aspects of VisiOlo and why it was created in the first place. It is easy to get bogged down in the details and never see the big picture (the most important picture) of where your results are improving and where they are declining.


In VisiOlo, Pages are used to track individual steps in your sales processes.  VisiOlo is unique in that we provide specific tracking code for you to copy and paste into each page that you want to track. This way you decide which pages you want to watch and which you want to ignore – a critical piece for avoiding information overload.


This is the core of the VisiOlo system. The Most Desired Action is the action you want your visitor to take after visiting a specific page in your online selling system.  When selling online, it is imperative that you have defined a single MDA for every step in your sales systems. If course, there are frequently other actions that you prospects can take, but what you want to define and measure is the most important action they can take – the action you want them to take.


VisiOlo allows you to create and track an unlimited number of goals. You will set up VisiOlo goals to track two types of major events; opt-ins and sales.  While MDAs are ‘mini-goals’ – showing conversion from one step to the next, Goals are ‘big goals’ showing whether or not your primary objectives were met.

There are only two types of goals in VisiOlo – opt-in goals and sales goals – when you define the latter, you will also tell VisiOlo how much that goal is worth to you (sales price) so we can track both the number of sales and the revenue generated.  You can even generate ‘dynamic’ values for goals (if your product varies in price).


Links are used to track traffic sources. You tell VisiOlo where you want the traffic to go, and VisiOlo will create a special tracking link which will collect data on clicks, opt-ins, and sales that came through that link.

Link trackers are nothing new, of course, but VisiOlo links are much more powerful than the average ‘click tracker.’

In VisiOlo, we show conversions and all of the opt-ins or sales that were generated by a particular traffic source. For example, if you use a VisiOlo Link to drive traffic to an offer, you will be able to see all of the opt-ins and sales that were generated by that one tracking link – even if the opt-ins and/or sales occurred on different domains and weeks apart.

This allows you to accurately determine the true value of each of your traffic sources – by counting all of the back end sales and opt-ins in the overall stats for that link.

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VisiOlo Concepts


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